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I suppose we must grieve a little. Not only for the collective disaster that is happening globally, or the ugliness of humanity, or the looming unsustainability of climate change, or the destruction of equilibrium on this planet. Some more direct sadness in the deaths of 2nd degree connections, the stories of business destroyed, livelihood impaired. The direct and indirect way that everything in this planet is interconnected, in such intimate and profound ways beyond our understanding. I have not let myself feel the loss of Tango as deeply to process it. But herein lies the pain of losing an outlet that meant so much to me, that continues to hold sway over my imagination, that continues again and again to be my kryptonite. 15 months since my last milonga. 15 months since the last embraces of friends, partners, buddies. In a way, it captures exactly the pain of the world, of lost connections and the ability to be in each others presence without the looming fear of worry and the pote
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Ah 2020. You have been upended in the most ridiculous way possible by a virus that has destroyed every single activity we do for fun, leisure, pleasure, necessity, survival. Because, humans. Was so looking forward to a year of dancing starting with the Taiwan Valentine's Tango Marathon, leading into STM v5, London, Portugal and maybe BA by the end of the year. Guess what! ALL GONE, DESTROYED. It has been a year since I went to a marathon/event. I am probably the saddest I have been when it comes to the dance front. 11 years ago I made it such a part of my identity that it has accompanied me through the years of visiting different cities for work, for holiday, for weddings, for connections, for reunions with exes, for meeting new interests. Shaped my 20's like nothing else has and only grows stronger year after year. 2020 was the reset required. Mentally, emotionally. This relationship with Tango remains my strongest and most developed of my many relationships with many a

Recap 2019

Well well well, here we come again to the end of another Tango year in 2019. Granted, this year was a lot more muted for me, just one Tango Prelims Championship, one Fame Tango Weekend extravaganza, one Tango marathon (shit, just one?!). This years tango centered very much around home, no crazy travels (thanks to change in job), no multi-country tango events (thanks to no budget + no time), a smattering of lessons. But internally, centeredness, duende. Next year, Taipei Tango Weekend, Singapore Tango Marathon + Lisbon for food, travels and Tango. Where is my tango this year? 10 years since that fateful day running to Michigan Union in shorts and t-shirt with flipflops, hair wet from a swim on a balmy end of September day, 3 to 4 weeks into the new semester. Not knowing this would kickstart one of my greatest passions in this life. The one that brings me into the world of friendships, arguments, travels and meetings. All sorts of people, friends, acquaintances, annoyances. The

Malaysia Prelims & Tango Festival - Musings

Off the back of a weekend that required me to leave work early and sleep cray hours to finally get back into a semi-human mode of work and sleep. Thoughts? When I first started tango, I jumped straight into a Fire & Ice festival in Ann Arbor January of 2010. That was my first taste of a tango festival which was relatively social and a good scene in hindsight. Coming back to Malaysia I've participated in the KL Festival every single year, Singapore festival twice, Taiwan festival once (24 hour on a whim - fuck it all flight), Shanghai festival once. Other than that the flavour of the day nowadays is definitely geared more toward marathons/encuentros, and for a good reason. Festivals in this part of the world are seriously so tipped toward a certain "type" that it is far more worth my money and sanity to go for the social dancing rather than the festival format. Granted, lessons were good, always learning, picking up new things. Competition was, so-so for me, was


Goals for this Tango year: - Continue to improve leading - Get deeper into the movements and music - Starting again with foundations (feet placement, weight, balance, transfers) Always and forever a noob. Training for the first ASEAN Tango Championships, more about process than outcome really but have always been a competitive spirit so part of me really wants to make an impact. We definitely are not at the stage of winning but if improvement continues then it'll at least make a dent in the social dancing. Training. Why is it that Tango doesn't inspire the same practice spirit that a lot of other activities require (tennis, swimming, basketball, piano..heck anything I've ever picked up, or been dragged into, in my life so far)? Maybe it's the fact and core of what makes it so appealing, that we rest on our laurels because we depend so much on what the partner is giving (50-50) hence...we think that if we give 50 and the other person gives 25 then we might a


How do you take feedback? Do you immediately raise your hackles and act defensive? Do you throw back insults that are a bit more heavy handed than necessary? Positive feedback of course is what we are aiming for. Pleasant surprise having multiple experienced visitors at last nights milonga which I was DJ-ing - great dancing overall and even I was surprised at how well the tandas were flowing after a quick construct his week. <3 .="" blessed.="" p=""> Good feedback too on the music choices, cortinas (emo chinese songs from the 80's/90's). As close to a perfect reception a DJ could wish for. This is why I dance. This is why I DJ. 

Maxi y Karina

It's been a fair while since I've taken any lessons, and not even foundational, lets break it to its lowest denominator type lessons. As a lead. Just watching the ease of execution, the degree and quality of movement was astounding and this, ladies & gentlemen is what we work for. Also getting to dance with the teacher on my own merit *faints* Plenty of notes! Lesson 1 - Walking - Start by feeling the weight transfer from left to right - transfer should be 100% of the weight - The lead stands more vertically with the intention forward, while the follow has a slight angle to reach - As a lead, watch the neck forward and shoulders up, intention is an internal action and not an actual lean, watch the shoulder sway and move linearly instead - Lift the toes so that you are aware that the weight is further back and on the heels - Stretch and separate the two half of the torso from the legs; ground downward to push the floor, but lift upward to transfer momentum &